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Posted on: May 29, 2009 4:30 pm

The Main person has arrived to the Blog arena!

Hello all. My name is Randall aka The Main Person. I am a 29 year old professional with a pension for everything baseball. For the first few years of my fantasy baseball life, I focused solely on AL only HTH leagues. So I claim to be an expert in that arena, prove me wrong! With only 1 title, I don't have alot of hardware to back that up, but I do have alot of heartache. I have never really liked the idea of mixed leagues, but have warmed on them recently, along with the ROTO formula. My main gripe is the abundance of talent on the waiver wire kinda makes the league members dull and prone to stagnation. I love shallow leagues because of the constant weheeling and dealing. I will literally make 50 trades in a year, as I view my team as a fluid monster of baseball awesomeness.
Things I love about fantasy baseball.
1. It makes you an imaginary owner of a team. Few people ever have the means to actually own a team, but this puts you in the front office, its all on your shoulders, make the right moves!
2. The money aspect. Being a gambling degenerit, This is right up my alley. I don't like CBS's cut, so I would suggest finding an off site money holding site like www.leaguesafe.com.
3. The utter stress. Can't have enough stress. Hell, at least it takes away the stress of your current relationship and crappy job.
4. The "I told you so" mentality. Being the first to grab a minor league guy or taking a chance and reaching for players or making tons of deals. Pure paradise.

I have more that I will  add every day or so.

Feel free to ask me about deals and trades in any format, I will respond in a day or so, with The Main POV.


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