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Posted on: June 2, 2009 11:59 am

Le-Joke shows no class.

Ill take a break from my baseball mode to rap on my least favorite athlete.


Ode’ to Lebron


I have to first point out that I am one of maybe the 3 people that live in the Cleveland area that don’t worship at the alter of King Lebron. I find him to be phony, completely transparent, and childish. Sure he’s young, but there are plenty of other players around his age with much more of a sense of maturity. Classy of Lebron to be so humble in defeat, oh wait, he wasn’t humble…he was a baby and gave a ridiculous answer to the question of why he doesn’t shake hands after defeat? You don’t shake the hands when you get beat up? But didn’t he also say anyone could have won that series? So I guess if you fight to a draw, in Le-Jokes eyes, but lose  a close decision, you walk out of that fight and don’t speak for a day?

I don’t have a problem with him not speaking to the press. He probably would have said what any pompous ass would say after his team let him down. Here is how I think some of his answers would have sounded:

“ My team just didn’t play to my level, I won the games by myself, but then they lost them just to spite me.”

“ I don’t get enough calls, I mean, 25 free throws a game is a little low, don’t you think?”

“ Didn’t Orlando know that I am the King, and they were just supposed to let me win, so that my puppet could get his crown in another annoying ad?”

“ Where’s my Yankees hat? I make millions per year, yet only wear a Yankee hat, wait, I play in Cleveland, who are the Indians? Oh, they are the team that beat the Yankees when I showed up and didn’t even give the Tribe any credit for winning.”


Now I am not saying that I am the greatest of sports, but I also am not a superstar athlete. There is a difference from me yelling at the computer after Ellsbury steals home to beat me by .5 points in a pay league and Lebron constantly showing no class. Ill give a few more examples. I understand that you don’t have to root for your home team, but being such a frontrunner is laughable.

Lebron showing up to a Browns home game, and going on the field. He hung around and talked with…you guessed it…The Dallas Cowboys and T.O.

James going to the Indians game  with a NY hat and leaving when the Yanks couldn’t make him look cool.

LBJ again having that NY hat on during his awful comments a day after introspection about the merits of sportsmanship.


I hope he leaves Cleveland, because then people will start to see the person I see him as. A glorified silver spoon elitist. Sure he came from nothing, but who gets a Hummer in high school, and told since junior high that he is the next big thing. You can go two ways with an upbringing like that. Be appreciative and set a great example for kids and adults. Or you can take his path and whine and complain when he doesn’t get his way.


There have been more than a few 3<sup>rd</sup> party accounts of how inaccessible he is when in public, while other Cavs understand that signing a few autographs and shaking hands comes with all that fame and money.


So, in closing, at least the public got a peek at the end of the series to who this guy is. I think the rest of the Cavs need to pull this guy in a roman chariot and feed him grapes in order to increase the chances he blesses this city for a few more years. He can sit an answer questions when he wins, but surprising the rules are different when he doesn’t get all the breaks. I don’t he’ll be speaking in Cleveland after next year, and for Cleveland’s sake, that may not be such a bad thing.

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